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GlobeNewswire – Tue Sep 24, 7:45AM CDT

via NEWMEDIAWIRE — AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC:SWRM): Disparaged for decades, cannabis and hemp are now being trumpeted as a serious medical breakthrough, and hemp is now being appreciated for its many usages from food & food supplements to paper, fabric, and fuel oil.

What does this mean for AppSwarm? Opportunity! What is a Pick-And-Shovel Play?

A pick-and-shovel play is an investment strategy that invests in the underlying technology needed to produce a good or service instead of in the final output. It is a way to invest in an industry while minimizing the risk inherent in the market for the final product. Pick and Shovel is named after the tools needed to take part in the California Gold Rush, or in this case the “Green Rush.”

Prospectors needed to buy a pick and a shovel to be able to mine for gold. While there was no guarantee that a prospector would find gold, the companies that sold picks and shovels were making money and thus were good investments. AppSwarm has chosen and focused its efforts on technology driven products that provide needed services to take advantage of this expansive market.

At its core, AppSwarm has launched and is focusing its efforts on their DeliverySwift ( last-mile delivery and track & trace software platform. DeliverySwift is also working on new features that allow the consumer or medical cannabis patient to order via the app for ease of delivery or pick-up at dispensaries. Further, we are in discussions with dispensaries to use DeliverySwift’s platform to pick-up cannabis from dispensaries and deliver them to testing labs utilizing our track and trace feature to comply with the many states that will soon be mandating it. The company also plans to aggressively market its latest technology endeavor, DeliverySwift Connect ( which will be launching its Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) technology platform to the growing cannabis industry. The company will now target the Cannabis Delivery and Dispensary markets for mobile engagement opportunities. An example is; picture buying from a dispensary and 15 minutes after leaving, you receive a text that says, “We appreciate your business. Please opt-in and save this text for 15% off on your next visit.” The DeliverySwift software platform also has predictive technology, meaning that if a consumer usually purchases from his/her dispensary every four weeks and does not come back within four weeks, at week five they will, by default receive a text saying, “We have missed you, please use this text for a 15% discount on your next visit.” The creativity of our tech is immense. Another example: it’s your birthday, the dispensary sends you a text saying, “Happy birthday! Please come to our store within the next 48 hours for a free 1/8th on us.” Our SMS Marketing platform is giving our client the highest target ability and affordability. It is capable of sending over 1 Billion SMS or RCS messages per month and is typically viewed by the targeted recipient within three minutes.

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